Games In Progress

This section just shows the games that I am currently working on or are in development. I will eventually create a blog strictly for game updates, which will show character designs, special comics, general story updates and more.  This page is somewhat under construction right now, so bear with me.

The Note Giver  ————————————————

Summary: She woke up in what seemed to be a desert. Her name and a small slip of paper was all she had with her. The paper reads: ‘Dig a hole’. Looking up from the paper she saw a shovel. Should she trust the paper or find her own way out of this strange place?

Description: This game is a fictional interactive novel focusing mostly on finding your god given purpose as well as different difficulties people face when following God, trying to understand God, or stepping out on faith. Since it’s fiction it may very well be interpreted other ways and can/should also be read and enjoyed by those who do not believe in the same things I support.

topics: purpose, faith, God’s will

progress:  Outline-100% finished; Main story-100% finished; Side stories: 0%; Character design: 20%; Programming: 0%;