Freedom from Unforgiveness and Hatred


–>Suffered from Injustice? Read this.<–


I know I talk about suffering a lot and not giving up in my blog recently and I know some people who suffered grievous things will not always agree with what is said. You might think, Adrianna, ‘look I know this is in the Bible, but I feel abandoned! I feel like God isn’t there for me! I suffered great things—things you wouldn’t even begin to know how to deal with! I cannot forgive these people! I cannot let this go! Why has God forsaken me!? Why does He bless others and not me? Does He not care?’  Trust me, I’ve been there before. I’ve said these same things, just to God. I’ve been in a place where I was angry and hurt because of unfair things other people had done to me.  I might not understand the depth of your struggle, but I’m pretty sure I can relate just a little.

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